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Player Database

If you have been accepted to the game and I do not get you listed here within a week, you have my permission to poke me with sharp sticks. Likewise, if you take on an additional character and I haven't edited your information to reflect that within a week, feel to bug me (and only me, not the other mods) about it.

Name/Alias: Iris *
Gender: Female
Personal LJ: zionga
AIM screen name: NodionPrincess
E-mail address: soundlife[at]livejournal.com
Characters: Axl, Gate

Name/Alias: Oshikawa (Oshi for short)
Gender: Male
Personal LJ: pocky_ninja
AIM screen name: Ing Hunter9
E-Mail Address: metallobster6000[at]hotmail.com
Characters: Nightmare Zero, Oshikawa (OC)

Name/Alias: Rai
Gender: Male
Personal LJ: zanma
AIM screen name:
E-mail address: NuZGundam.Eric[at]gmail.com
Characters: Douglas, Rai Inazuma (OC)

Name/Alias: Ranmyaku (Ran for short) *
Gender: Female
Personal LJ: purest_chaos
AIM screen name: Ranmyaku424
E-mail address: ranmyaku24[at]yahoo.ca
Characters: Zero

Name/Alias: Syvia
Gender: Female
Personal LJ: syvia
AIM screen name: Jaikiya
E-mail address: Syvia272[at]yahoo.com
Characters: Pallette

Name/Alias: Tsu (Ether) *
Gender: Male
Personal LJ: fidchell
AIM screen name: f1rztr3pl01d
E-mail address: kosmosxshion[at]gmail.com
Characters: Lumine, X

* denotes moderator status.
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