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Character Applications

If you want to apply for more than one character at once, only fill out the Character Information section for each character. You do not need to give more than one Player Information or Writing Evaluation. If you are already a member and want to pick up another character, simply send their character information to the mods.

Player Information
This is for our player database. None of this information will be used against your application, as long as you do fill it out.

Name/Alias (so we'll have a name to refer to you by, not just "Hey, you!") :
Gender (just in case) :
Personal LJ (for commenting OOC):
AIM screen name:
E-mail address:
RP experience:

Character Information
For canon characters, this is where you show us that you know the character and will play them well. For original characters, give us as complete of an idea as possible.</i>

Brief history:
Physical description: (This is only necessary for original characters.)
Other details (if any):

Writing Evaluation
This part of the application shows if you have the writing skills needed for the game.

A sample of third-person roleplaying that uses one of the characters you're applying for. It must be at least two paragraphs long.

A sample of an in-character journal entry. It must be at least six sentences long.

Once you've finished your application, comment to this post with it. All comments will be screened in order to protect your privacy. The mods will attempt to contact you about your application within the next week.
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Name/Alias : Rai
Gender (just in case) : Male
Personal LJ (for commenting OOC): zanma
AIM screen name: NuZGundam
E-mail address: NuZGundam.Eric at
RP experience: Myriad, Sages, RR... You know I'm decent, at least.

Character Information
Name: Douglas (hunter_mechanic)
Gender: Male
Brief history: First appearing in X4, Douglas has always worked behind the scenes, creating most of the technology that the Hunters use in their everyday operations. Should anyone need anything to be built from scratch or repaired, Douglas will most likely be able to do it with whatever parts are on hand. Consider him the Megaman X-verse's MacGuyver.
Personality: Optimistic for a good majority of the time, but knows when they're in trouble. A realist.
Name: Rai Inazuma (rai_inazuma)
Gender: Male
Brief history: Created by an extremely eccentric scientist, Rai's history hasn't always been exactly bright for the reploid. Upon activation, the Hunters declared Rai Maverick, but only captured him, studying his unique frame and techniques. Eventually released and returned to his creator, Rai took up learning how to fight, to protect both himself and his creator. While mastering a self created style of fighting, Rai could do nothing against the rigors of old age, and so lost his creator. Emotionally reeling, and looking for a new purpose, Rai heads out into the world in an attempt to find something for himself. Returning to Giga city 5 years later, no one knows whether or not he found what he was looking for, and Rai doesn't talk about that time.
Personality: Generally seems bright and cheery. If something bothers him, things have most definitly gone wrong. During battle, his personality seemingly takes a 180. He becomes serious, calculating, and incredibly vicious in battle.
Physical description: Rai is around 6'1" and weighs about 165 lbs. He isn't overly muscular, instead opting for the more toned look. Figuring that any bulky armor gets in his way, Rai has eschewed it for a black bodysuit under a light armor vest. He wears gauntlets to protect his hands, and does have armored boots. When going out into normal civilization, Rai tends to wear pants and a regular t-shirt instead of his armor, trying to stick out too much, despite him carrying his sword with him everywhere. Rai's hazelnut colored eyes matches his short brown hair, which generally spikes off into random directions.
Other details: His vicious battle persona and style have earned him the nickname "Lightning Demon". His sword, the Raikage (Lightning Shadow), is a katana style weapon with a blade. However, it is charged so that it acts like a beam saber, and passes off an electrical current.

Player Information
Name/Alias (so we'll have a name to refer to you by, not just "Hey, you!") : Goldenwing, GW, Matt if you don't wanna use my Character's name.
Gender (just in case) : Male~
Personal LJ (for commenting OOC): This one. goldenwing6560
AIM screen name: goldenwing6560
E-mail address: sonner_goldenwing_2 At Yahoo dawt com (You should get the idea)
RP experience: Mostly IRC, a bit of (dear lord) Yahoo! RP, AIM RP's, new to journal RP's, but getting the idea quickly.

Character Information

I'm making this an alternate Goldenwing, if that's alright?

Name: Goldenwing Kintotech
Gender: Male.
Brief history: Constructed sometime in the early 2000's (but never finished in that period for reasons unknown), Goldenwing was discovered like many "Relic" Androids, found by a bunch of expidition reploids, and completed sometime around X4 by Cain Labs. Goldenwing is more or less of a freelance hunter, not of any specific unit, but sent where he's required.
Personality: A bit of a smartass, but someone who fights for what he believes, even if it's against what the "general" grain of things. He's also the type to crack a joke in the middle of a fight, not to mention snarking.
Physical description: Yay for artwork! Drawn by Robert Oakes, a friend of mine.
Other details (if any): This Goldenwing lacks the Maverick Goldenwing factor. He has an active Variable Element System, version 6. Goldenwing is very good at on the spot stratigizing, not to mention judging enemy weaknesses.

Writing Evaluation

RP one:

*Goldenwing jumps down from the upper platform, glancing back as the gateway slams shut behind him. When the lights suddenly go out, Goldenwing swears up a small thunderstorm of curses, as he begins charging his arm cannons.* Alright Maverick! Show yourself! *Goldenwing also draws his beamsabre, glaring in the general direction he's judging the Maverick to be, before switching to thermal scanners*

Journal one:
Excerpt from Goldenwing Kintotech's Logged Journals. Sometime in June 21(XX)

I've done a bit more research on the guy who built me, today. Apperently he was a miltary scientest of some kind. I don't exactly know why he made me look a lot like Zero, except that I apperently just do.

Nor does it exactly explain those damnable hairstripes.

In other news, I took out some sort of Maverick named 'Shadow Wyvern' today. He was some sorta psycho-experimental 'ploid. Too bad I didn't get his weapon, he looked like an intresting one to have....

Howzzat? I plan on making a journal for this specific Goldenwing, I just need to come up with a username.
Came up with a username~