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Character Applications

If you want to apply for more than one character at once, only fill out the Character Information section for each character. You do not need to give more than one Player Information or Writing Evaluation. If you are already a member and want to pick up another character, simply send their character information to the mods.

Player Information
This is for our player database. None of this information will be used against your application, as long as you do fill it out.

Name/Alias (so we'll have a name to refer to you by, not just "Hey, you!") :
Gender (just in case) :
Personal LJ (for commenting OOC):
AIM screen name:
E-mail address:
RP experience:

Character Information
For canon characters, this is where you show us that you know the character and will play them well. For original characters, give us as complete of an idea as possible.</i>

Brief history:
Physical description: (This is only necessary for original characters.)
Other details (if any):

Writing Evaluation
This part of the application shows if you have the writing skills needed for the game.

A sample of third-person roleplaying that uses one of the characters you're applying for. It must be at least two paragraphs long.

A sample of an in-character journal entry. It must be at least six sentences long.

Once you've finished your application, comment to this post with it. All comments will be screened in order to protect your privacy. The mods will attempt to contact you about your application within the next week.
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