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Titanium Metamorphosis : Megaman X RP
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This RP takes place almost directly after the events of MegaMan Command Mission. Those not familiar with the game, feel free to refer to the script, found here.
Warning, heavy spoilers!

After the battle with Great Redips, in a final, selfless act, Ferham, one of Epsilon's Cadre, remained in space as X and co. fled the collapsing space outpost. She took the Supra-Force Metal which had made Great Redips invincible and initiated a self-destruct in an attempt to destroy the Metal.

The explosion, however, had unforseen consequences.
X and his comrades returned to the Far East Maverick Hunter Headquarters, and put in a report to his commanding officer, Signas.

During this debriefing, the group in Giga City learned that Ferham's act created a wave of radiation just outside the Earth's atmosphere as well as several meteorites that burned upon entry and caused smaller pockets of radiation all over the world.

The Supra-Force radiation, similar to the metal, could unlock potential in those reploids who came in contact with it. However, too much exposure had nearly the opposite result.

Long-distance teleportation, which involved the movement of a reploid's data through space, was deemed too dangerous, and prohibited. This action stranded X, Zero and Axl in Giga City, but as the current Maverick situation was quiet, the absence of three of the Elite was not a cause for panic or anxiety.

They saw it as a little unexpected time off....

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